Friday, June 3, 2011

The Love of My Life

Poor Kenny. He was tired. He's my sweetie!!

More pictures from the party.

The picture Collage starting when Dad was about 2.
Carol (sister), Dad, Me, Risa (stepsister) Sandra (stepmother) Jeffrey (brother in law, Nancy (sister)

My Daddy and Me. Isn't he cute?

My DADDY, Super SAM's 90th Birthday

My husband and I were tickled to attend the wonderful party my stepmother gave for my Dad's 90th birthday. It was a lovely brunch in Coconut Grove, Florida at a bistro called "Calamari". The food was excellent. Everyone (but my daughter) was there. I will try to identify people as I share the pictures. Obviously, the cake showed "Super Sam". My two sisters put together the collage in the background. In the picture frame is a congratulations letter from President Obama which also thanks Dad for his service in the USAF during the Korean War.