Sunday, October 25, 2009

Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Awareness

One of the Ebay groups to which I belong has gotten together and contributed blocks and fabric for Teri to put together this fabulous rag quilt. All proceeds go to the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Awareness charity. Please go and look and BID BID BID!!

Teri put a lot of time and effort into putting this beautiful quilt together. We all hope that it will bring a substantial donation.

Here is the link:

Thanks for looking.

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  1. Great post, Joan, and I think one of us need to post about this each day.....all week long. We always start out with a bang, then it dribbles down towards the end. Let's keep it going this time.....set a record amount!

    BTW your RTS listings look great this time! Good luck with lots of sales!