Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lots of New Items in My Ebay stores

Well, the holiday weekend was great but exhausting. My sister and brother in law drove up from Miami and my youngest sister flew in from New York. That was a nice surprise. We all stay so busy that it is a rare occasion when we can get together. We ate a lot, visited the local flea market on Sunday, ate a lot and now everyone has gone home. Did I mention that we ate a lot?

My hubby bought me a couple of gorgeous plants at the flea market. An orchid plant that is in full bloom with some additional sprays of buds that will bloom soon and an unusual pitcher plant known as Nepenthes. It is a carnivorous plant. Favorite food is bugs. I say give it all it wants. Picture is on the left. We have to put water in each one of the pitchers every other day. Great plant. I'm hoping my thumbs are green enough to keep it going.

I'm working on listing 25 new bolts of flannel, some gorgeous Timeless Treasures batiks and newly acquired patterns today. You can click on the Ebay links on the left to see what is new.
Wishing everyone a great Tuesday..........Joan

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  1. What an interesting plant.....have never seen it before. Keep us posted on how it eliminates the bugs...and take more pics of it, as time goes on.