Monday, September 7, 2009

Well, so far, so good. Here are some of the kids and grandkids:

Karen and Lauren at High School graduation this year.

Next is my SIL, Duane with the boys, Aaron, Austin and Bubba.

Aren't they precious? But, so far away. They live in Las Vegas and I'm in Florida. We haven't been out there in forever.

Hopefully, they will all come here for the opening of the Harry Potter ride at Universal Studios.

Here is my beloved hubby. Nicest guy in the world!! The little one is the youngest granddaughter, Summer. She was 2 in this pic.

Here are the Doxies. I call this picture "The Two Headed Dog"


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! and a job well done....nothing is better than pictures and you did yourself proud! Love the dogs, & hubby & Summer.

  2. Way to go Joan! Love the pics and I am proud as punch right along with you. Great kids and grands, a good looking hubs and adorable furbabies. What could be better?!
    Will add your link to my blog.
    Always blessed

  3. Just love your blog!!! The pics are sooo cute - what a great bunch!